Even in the midst of the frostiest Thanksgiving in years, Americans managed to stay warm and cozy and enjoy another wonderful holiday of fun, happiness, and good food with their families. President Trump tweeted, “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?”, referencing the ongoing cold blast throughout much of the Northeast of the US– wait, what the hell is climate change? I would ‘definitely’ agree that it’s some kind of hoax cooked up by the Russians or the Chinese, probably in hopes of making America spend billions of dollars on worthless green infrastructure and technology while they chug along with their crude oil, coal and natural gas. Wait, then what was the wildfire in California caused by? Oh, probably by some fool who lit a tree up and thought it would be funny. There is no doubt climate change has been the bane of society since the hoax was first cooked up by some commies in the ’90s, in hopes of deterring the rapid economic progress of the West.

Time to be real, folks– climate change is an epidemic that has been slowly poisoning our planet since the first industrial revolution. Although we may all sleep with a mind oblivious and unconcerned of the effects of emitting greenhouse gases, climate change is dragging the human race further to its grave every single day. We, humans, have succeeded in polluting the Earth to such an extent that even if suddenly became our primitive, caveman selves, the Earth’s average temperatures would still rise 1.1 degree F above pre-industrial levels by 2050. Even with this death threat being constantly delivered to the mailboxes of nations every single day, the majority of them have taken very little initiative. The result of this ignorance, short-term– strong economic growth and cheap everything and a bunch of ‘fake news’. The result of this ignorance in the long-term: millions of lives lost, billions of dollars worth of damages and 10% GDP reduction for the US(worst-case).

President Donald Trump has been a critic of climate change and has removed the US from the Paris Climate Accords.

Examining both of the impacts, a reasonable mind would agree that the long-term effects outweigh the evanescent benefits of the short term– but Mr. President appears to be in a scornful denial. President Trump, since the start of his presidency, has rejected the idea of climate change and made the US exit the Paris Climate Accord, an international treaty enacted in 2016 with the sole aim of limiting the increase of global average temperatures to create a better future for the posterity of the human race. Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. President has been proved wrong this very day, November 23rd, 2018, after a 1600 page climate report released by the US Government detailed the dire consequences that the US would face as a result of the current trajectory of global warming. Hope you had a fantastic foie-gras, caviar-stuffed turkey, Mr. President– now wake up to reality! Without the US playing an active role in deterring climate, whether by increasing its own production of renewable energy or investing in renewable energy in other countries, the fight against climate change is already lost. The US emits the most CO2 per citizen and is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. While investing in renewable energy right now is an expensive and arduous endeavor, it is one the US must undertake for the good of future Americans and citizens of the world.

The World Must Act in unison to stop the looming threat of climate change 

There are several initiatives the US can undertake to stop global warming:

  1. Increase production of renewable energy: Right now, renewable energy contributes to only 16.9% of the total energy consumed by the US. The US should prioritize renewable energy over other forms of energy and invest heavily in green technology wherever possible.
  2. Privatize green energy generation: The US is already burdened with immense debt, and a nationwide renewable energy will cost the government billions of dollars. However, if private investors were allowed to finance the construction of green energy plants, it would relieve some of the fiscal pressure on the federal government. An example of a similar ongoing project is Argentina’s RenoVar program, that has managed to generate about 8% of the nation’s electricity demands within about 4 years of implementation.
  3. Incentivize ‘clean industries’: Regardless of the trillion dollar oil industry, we all must admit that oil has to be killed one way or another– and killing it before we exhaust our supply of the resource is probably a better choice. Now, nations shouldn’t suddenly block oil exports and imports, but by incentivizing ‘clean industries’, they can slowly transition themselves into low-carbon economies.

Now, wake up America. At the current trajectory of increasing CO2 emissions, global average temperatures are supposed to shoot up by 9 degrees F(5 degrees C). As one of the most prosperous nations in the world, the US bears a national and an international responsibility to deter global warming. And that starts with our President waking up in the morning to reality– climate change is goddamn real! The 1600 page document also outlines the possibility of the proliferation of multiple diseases, including chikungunya, zika, and asthma, as climate change continues to ravage through the world. Let us, as common citizens, embrace the fact that climate change is real and advocate for its prevention. The next great humanitarian crises, the next world war, the next cold war, will be a result of humanity’s ignorance of climate change– let us bear this knowledge and weaponize it to deter climate change from killing our planet!

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