We Americans are a kind that prides ourselves on our ever continuing success and glory; indeed, the rise of the US as the supreme world power is nothing short of astounding. But as a nation that has gone through the best of times and the worst of times, there is one trait that has truly distinguished ourselves from all others– our diligent care and attention to problems, whether a result of external forces or our own. When we think of any of the previous disasters– the  9/11 terrorist attack, the nuclearization of North Korea, the financial crisis of 2008– vigilance and mindfulness were the angels that lit the path to solutions to each and every one of those problems. Naturally, it should be expected that Mr.President should be the first person in the entire nations to display these traits when such problems arise– and that, folks, is what we are lacking.

ignorance_is_bliss____by_start_static.jpgRight now, Uncle Sam is looking at the hundred dollar bill harmlessly lying on the pavement, just waiting to be snatched up by some greedy kleptomaniac; little does he realize that the cops are waiting behind the nearest bush to chain the person who lays a hand on the hundred dollar bill. The US economy is swimming in treacherous waters, and its shocking to see President Trump deny the economic slow-poisoning he is putting the nation through. In his tweets and rallies, President Trump sometimes talks about the astounding local economic growth figures and statistics that make ‘America look great again’– yet he constantly avoids to address underlying problems in the economy and the nation in general. Ever since the start of his campaign, Mr. President has promised investors an economic heaven, an unchallenged American economic force that will rise above all others, and he has prided himself on the rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the SP 500. Yet, he only talks about them when they are rising, or possibly when some new statistic comes up that is similar to this one: Dow Jones and SP 500 mark historic gains as investors rain money into the markets.

Currently, the stock market is in shambles, the long-lasting, ballooning faith of investors on US tech companies having finally popped, and yet the Pres doesn’t seem to be addressing the decline. Surely, if Mr. President likes to treat the stock market as his measure of success and use it as a means of showing Americans the ‘greatness’ he is bringing to the nation, then he should address the current decline in the markets.

Yet Mr. President always likes to shift his focus away from the nation’s dismay and rain his wrath upon a few common victims: the Federal Reserve Bank, Mr. Powell, the US supreme court Judge, ‘an Obama judge’, or the migrant caravan. There is little doubt that the President likes to divert focus and attention away from his failures, failures that are costing the nation it’s ‘economic greatness’; he seems to believe that Americans don’t realize this, that they tune into his ‘alternate facts’ at a moment’s notice. This Presidential culture of avoiding the real problem and addressing lesser important issues with such a fervent temperament must stop for the good of the nation: failures should be admitted and no person or agency should be scapegoated for the misdeeds of the current administration.

President Trump likes to blame the current economic Armageddon on the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Unlike what he spends his nights tweeting about, it is his spending and budgetary policies that have led the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at the highest rate in the last few years. Spending is out of control, corporations are reaping the benefits of mammoth tax cut benefits and consumer confidence has caused consumer spending to rocket– all making for out-of-control national inflation. In fact, inflation this year is already up at 2.5%, a 50 basis point increase than the Fed’s target of 2% inflation per year. The beginning of an economic meltdown has started in the US. Let us hope that radical faith may look upon us and the US with sympathy.

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